Free Indie-Rock Inspired Audio Clips

We are media makers just like you. Most stock audio sucks. Here are some that do not.

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Background Audio Beds

Bionic Guitars

Background audio bed with a tweaked drum sound, drone and bionic effected guitars.
Tags: Gritty, Rough

Download: BG2.mp3

Bouncing Distortion

An audio bed of crinkle and crackles of slightly distorted goodness. 
Tags: Ambient Distortion, Gritty, Tension

Download: BG5.mp3

Drones and Blips

A bed of deep drones with electronic blips on top. Tasty.
Tags: Ambient Distortion, Melodic

Download: BG3.mp3

Gritty Background

A background audio bed of indie drums, distorted bass and overdriven reverb heavy guitar.
Tags: Gritty, Rough

Download: BG1.mp3

Wailing Walls of Distortion

An audio bed of overdriven, wailing distortion. Droney and ominous.
Tags: Ambient Distortion

Download: BG4.mp3


A Broken Breakthrough

Sweeping cellos form the foundation for a broken melody that just can't break through.
Tags: Gritty, Melodic, Tension

Download: tension1.mp3

Bull Mastif

A score with a mean bottom growler and some crazy distorted overdriven guitars.
Tags: Ambient Distortion, Funky, Gritty, Rough, Tension

Download: rough1.mp3


A short score with a buzzsaw foundation paired with moody guitars.
Tags: Funky, Gritty, Rough

Download: rough2.mp3

Carnegie Pulses

A slow mellow blippy piano melody meets guitar choruses all building up to a nice ending that chugs along. 
Tags: Melodic, Tension

Download: slow_sad_melody.mp3

Come Hither She Said

A score with a punchy string bass and smiling high end and calls for you to come hither.
Tags: Funky, Melodic

Download: melodic3.mp3

Diptych Carnival

A somewhat groovy score that bounces between two musical ideas that act as counterpoints.
Tags: Funky, Melodic, Tension

Download: tension_goove.mp3

Falling Tears

A sad score driven by a melodic piano that builds up towards the end.
Tags: Melodic

Download: melodic4.mp3

Glowsticks and X

A thumping bass line pumps this club soundtrack. Glitter and growl.
Tags: Rough

Download: club_music.mp3

Grand Plans Misplaced

A long build up with a digitized feel that ends with a glorious thud.
Tags: Ambient Distortion, Melodic, Rough, Tension

Download: roughmelodic.mp3

Heart Of It All

Crazy sequenced bouncing bass drives a growing wall of guitars.
Tags: Funky, Melodic

Download: heart_of_it_all.mp3

Hearts Go Blip

A short score with a funky beat, some overdriven guitars and a blippy synth.
Tags: Funky, Rough

Download: funky.mp3

Lost Inhaler

A short score with a breathy bottom that supports a plucky top end.
Tags: Melodic, Tension

Download: tension2.mp3

To Drown or Not To Drown

A score with a present synth bass driving a piano underwater trying to come up for air.
Tags: Melodic, Tension

Download: melodic2.mp3

Wailing Wall

A short score with cellos, drums, and reverb-laden MBV-inspired guitar.
Tags: Rough, Tension

Download: tension1_with_drums.mp3

Without a Heart

Mid-tempo chugger with guitar-driven melody and an animated bridge.
Tags: Melodic

Download: without_a_heart.mp3

Sound Effects

Digi Bounce Hit 1

A digitized double bounce hit.
Tags: Hit

Download: digibouncehit.mp3

Digi Bounce Hit 2

A digitized double bounce hit with some overloaded tones.
Tags: Hit

Download: digibouncehit2.mp3

Digital Hit Long

A long digital hit sound.
Tags: Hit

Download: digihit_long.mp3

Digital Hit Short

A short digital hit sound.
Tags: Hit

Download: digihit_short.mp3

Digitized Focus 1

A short digitized focus effect.
Tags: Focus

Download: focus4.mp3

Digitized Focus 2

A short digitized focus effect.
Tags: Focus

Download: focus5.mp3

Dripping Focus 1

A short dripping focus effect.
Tags: Focus

Download: focus1.mp3

Dripping Focus 2

A short dipping focus effect with some digital distortion.
Tags: Focus

Download: focus2.mp3

Gated Digitized Hit

A gated digital hit with a bit of delay on it.
Tags: Hit

Download: gated_hit1.mp3

Metallic Hit

A metallic hit tone.
Tags: Focus, Hit

Download: metal_focus.mp3

NYC Street Noise

28th Street and Broadway around 7pm in the summer.
Tags: Street Noise

Download: StreetNoise.mp3

Resonating Hit

A gated resonated hit tone.
Tags: Hit

Download: hit1reverse.mp3

Reversed Hit

A reversed wooshing hit.
Tags: Hit

Download: reversehit.mp3

Rubber Bands

A short rubbery focus effect.
Tags: Focus

Download: focus3.mp3