About Murmur Audio

Free Indie-Rock Inspired Audio Clips.

Stock Audio Sucks

We love indie, punk, noisy, electronic, melodic and depressing rock music. But finding these types of stock audio is really difficult. Most of the time the clips suck and it's a huge pain in the ass to find anything good. So we create our own for our original projects and client work.

We've started to build up a nice library of sound effects, audio beds, and scores that we haven't used, but we still think are pretty cool. So we decided to share them for free.

All we ask is that if you use them, please attribute accordingly and let us know so we can help promote your work.

Higher Res Files

If you need higher resolution files just contact us and we can give you AIFF or WAV formatted files. 

Like What You Hear?

If you like what you hear but want something more customized we are always interested in contract sound design and original composition.



Murmur Audio is a passion project of Mike Knowlton, one of the partners of Murmur. Mike spent the better part of the 90's playing in a few different NYC-based indie rock bands.